Advance Financial COVID-19 Statement
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  • Disability - If you are experiencing a long-term or a short-term disability, use this calculator to understand the insurance needs you may require to cover your expenses.
  • Home Budget - Budgeting for yourself can be difficult, this calculator helps you to see where your money is going and how you can better manage your financial needs.
  • Long-Term Care - Use this calculator to figure out the costs of long term care for those individuals who can no longer take care of themselves.
  • Auto - Use this calculator to determine your monthly loan payments based on term length.
  • 401k Savings - By calculating your contribution percentage, yearly income, and various other factors, use this calculator to determine what your retirement savings will be.
  • Basic Loan Payment - Use this calculator to determine your loan payments based on various payment frequencies.
  • Amortizing Loan - Know how much you can spend a month and want to know what your loan amount will be? Know how much your loan amount is and want to know your monthly payments? This calculator can help you with both.
  • Compound Savings - Compounded interest can really affect your savings. This calculator shows you the benefits of compounding interest over time.
  • Distribution Savings - Enter a starting amount and a periodic withdrawal amount, and this calculator will show you how much of your savings will be left at the end of a specific time period.
  • Benefit of Spending Less - An important factor of savings is your spending. Less spending can have a dramatic affect, especially when those savings are invested.
  • College Savings Plan - With the rising cost of tuition, planning ahead for college is a smart move. This calculator can help you figure out how much to save for the future.
  • Mortgage Qualifier - Buying a house is a big decision and knowing how much you can borrow is important. Use this Calculator to figure out how much you can spend a month based on your annual income.
  • Mortgage Payoff - Paying off your mortgage early can generate huge savings in the long term. Find out how much interest you can save by accelerating your payments.
  • Required Income Mortgage - Determinging what mortgage you qualify for is dependent on a number of factors. Use this calculator to input your monthly debts and see how much yearly income is required at various interest rates.
  • Maximum Mortgage - Using your current debt to income ratio, this calculator will help you determine your maximum mortgage and monthly payments.