Advance Financial COVID-19 Statement
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Fee Schedule

Rates in effect as of September 27, 2020
Electronic Services
Online BankingFREE
Bill PayFREE
Mobile BankingFREE
Touch Tone TellerFREE
Returned Item (per submission)$37.00
Account Early Closing (Closed within 90 days)$25.00
Excessive Withdrawals$3.00
Inactivity Fee (after 9 months for balances <$500)$5.00
Inactivity Minor Account Fee (after 15 months for balances <$500)$1.00
Courtesy Pay$37.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (per submission)$37.00
Inactivity Fee (after 9 months for balances <$500 (excludes minor accounts)$5.00
Bill Pay Non-Sufficient Funds (AFFCU/Vendor)$37.00/$37.00
Stop Payment$37.00
Returned Items (check or ACH)$37.00
Overdraft Transfer (limit 6 per month)$10.00
Draft Reconciliation (1 hour minimum)$25.00/hour
Check Copy$5.00
Check OrdersVaries by Design
Member Foreign ATM$1.75
Alliance One/CO-OP ATMs - Advantage Plus CheckingFREE
Alliance One/CO-OP ATMs - Free Checking$1.75 (only 1 fee)
Alliance One/CO-OP ATMs - Better Than Free Checking$1.75 (only 1 fee)
Courtesy Pay$37.00
Withdrawal Overdraft$37.00
Overdraft Transfer (limit 6 per month)$10.00
Card Replacement$15.00
External Transfer$35.00
Money Order$2.50
Official Checks$3.50
Stop Payment of Official Checks$37.00
Check Copy$5.00
Copy of Official Check$10.00
Wire Transfers
Safe Deposit Boxes
3 x 5$25.00
5 x 5$30.00
3 x 10$35.00
5 x 10$50.00
10 x 10$75.00
Monthly Late Fee (after 10 days delinquent)$5.00/per month
Box Drilling$200.00
Key Replacement$40.00
Service Fees
Check Cashing (<$500 on deposit or <$2,500 in loan balances)$5.00
Excessive Share Withdrawal (4 free per month)$2.00
Credit Union Shared Branch Transactions
    Members living outside a 10-mile radius of AFFCUFREE
    Members going out of townFREE
    Members living within a 10-mile radius of AFFCU$3.00
Account Early Closing (closed within 90 days)$25.00
Holiday and Back-to-School Club Early Withdrawal$5.00
Duplicate Statement/Amortization Schedule (<12 months)$5.00
Duplicate Statement/Amortization Schedule (>12 months)$10.00
Photo Copy (per page)$0.25
Check by Phone$10.00
Account Verification (excluding financial aid)$10.00
Research (1 hour minimum)$30.00/hour
Re-Clear Check$10.00
Member ID Card Replacement$3.00
Coin Exchange2.00% of amount
Invalid Address$5.00
Account Reinstatement$25.00
Inactive Account (after 9 months for balances <$500)$5.00
Inactive Minor Account (after 15 months for balances <$500)$1.00
Garnishment/Subpoena/Tax Levee Set Up$100.00
Subordination of Lien (subject to restrictions)$100.00
Authorization Letter to Remove Vehicle from Country$25.00
Loan Pay-Off Statement$10.00
Late Charges$30.00
Loan Coupon Replacement$5.00

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